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York Heat Pump with Faulty Programming

12 years ago

Is there a way to contact York tech support directly. Currently, my hp will switch between hp and fossil fuel every 15 minutes during morning warm up (these are not defrost cycles). The local installer tells me that once the fossil fuel is energized, the programming should not allow the fossil fuel to shut down before it has satisfied the thermostat. The installer replaced the controller board it still demonstrates the same switching problem (new board was same rev level as old board, probably means same program on the controller chip). The installer can't reprogram a York hp and York doesn't talk to customers. I know this hp is not meeting there advertised efficiency or cost savings (for which I got a federal rebate because of advertised efficiency).

I'd like to talk to somebody at York that can get this thing fixed.

There's probably a whole lot of people out there that don't even know this is happening with their hp.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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