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Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Tiles/Planks, or Both?

12 years ago

We are in the process of deciding what to use to replace almost all of the flooring on the main floor of our home---for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room. Due to allergies and aesthetic reasons, we would like to have hard floors, no carpeting.

We presntly have golden oak hardwood in the entry area, short hallway back to the kitchen/dining room and back the opposite way to the laundry room (which is attached to the garage). There is also a very small powder room off the hallway that has the oak hardwood floors. Our hardwood floors have about a 1-1/2 foot square area of damage due to my daughter placing wet towels on the floor overnight which will have to be repaired.

We have discussed putting hardwood through the entire main floor, but keep coming back to the fact that we don't really feel comfortable having it in our kitchen. In addition to frequent spills, we have concerns about damage if our dishwasher was to leak. As a secondary concern, it would be nice to put something in the kitchen that wouldn't require that we remove all of the cabinets to do so.

Our family room adjoins the kitchen, so we want the same floor in both rooms.

We have been looking at the click-together LVT/LVP as a possible solution for the kitchen/family room floors, and found a nice slate-looking plank that would look nice, with a generous sized area rug in the family room.

I like the idea of the LVT in terms of comfort and warmth. It's supposed to be good in kitchens, in the event of water problems. Can anyone confirm that?

Our next idea is to put the hardwood in the living room and dining room, then have the original hardwood repaired and everything stained and finished to match.

We would install all flooring, but have someone come in to stain and seal the hardwoods. My husband is very talented and does most things around the house, and I'm a good worker who follows directions.

Now we're second guessing our decisions, wondering if it would be a good idea to remove the existing hardwood floors and simply put in LVP in hardwood throughout all floors on the main level. I am balking at the idea of taking out oak floors and putting in vinyl.

On the plus side, it would be less expensive and also less upheaval in the household. We have elderly parents to care for, pets, and a multiply handicapped child in the home, who gets very stressed out when things are disrupted. I am still inclined to stick with the original plan to have hardwood floors in the living room and dining room. We will have to do the kitchen/family room first, then save money for the living room/dining room. DH thinks saving some money and the utility of the vinyl might be a good trade-off. However, I'm also concerned that we've never had the click-together luxury vinyl planks before, and maybe we won't like them as much as he thinks we will.

We will probably want to downsize one day and, when we do, I would also like to think we made wise decisions in terms of resale. On the one hand, if the LVT/LVP functions as we think, the practicality, comfort, easy care might be a plus to some buyers---plus the nice look of all wood throughout the main level, but in vinyl. On the other hand, I think hardwood floors, even if they don't extend through the entire house would be a bigger plus.

Any thoughts? We keep going around and around trying to just make a final decision and get started. Also, what can you tell me about the click-together LVT/LVP? Any brand favorites? Does it seem to wear well and be easy maintenance? Would you go for the hardwood/LVT combo or all LVT? Thanks for your input.

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