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If you have kids learning multiplication you have to see this.

15 years ago

I posted this on the Home Dec board as well, but thought it would be useful here.

Last night I didn't have time to sit down with DD to work on her multiplication flash cards. I did a quick Google search for some sort of online flash card thing that would occupy her while I cooked dinner.

I ran across this game that I downloaded, and I'm completely blown away. We used to homeschool, and I literally used to fantasize about having a game like this for my son. Usually, all of the "tutorial games" we had were just lame. Cheesy bad graphics, hard to use, not enough repetition to be effective, etc.

This game, however, is awesome. It was apparently created by some a guy who's background is in high-tech Playstation games. They have a free version that is a complete game. I downloaded it, and within 30 minutes, I saw my DD getting faster and faster, much more so than anything we've done with flash cards. The way the game is geared, they give the kids hints to understand the answers, and then the kids have to fight the bad guy by using their facts as quickly as possible. It's actually enjoyable to see my DD trying to speed up her recall to beat the bad guy. The way they work in the repetition is just brilliant.

She woke up this morning eager to play it again, and has already asked if she can play it when she gets home from school.

Worth checking out if you have kiddos in this age range.

(It also has a feature where you can jump to a level that you need work on, like the "9's". Great for focusing on those tougher problems.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Timez Attack

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