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Propane Usage Question

10 years ago

We recently remodeled our home and put an addition on. At this time we changed from oil heat to propane when we put in a new furnace. I am amazed at how much propane that we seem to be using and wanted to see if you thought this sounded reasonable or that something isn't right especially having a mild winter this year in Ohio. Besides the efficient furnace and new stove, we have all new windows, doors and insulation. Things that use the propane in our home are: furnace, stove and dryer. While the dryer isn't new, it is approx 5-6 years old at most. I will also tell you that the highest the thermostat ever gets set to is 68 degrees and that is rare, 65-66 is the norm. From 7:30am-5:00pm weekdays, we turn the heat down to 60-61 and for sleeping it is set at 62. When we know we are going to be gone for several hours at any time, we also will turn it down. Most days I am cold and we even have an small electric heater running in the family room. One other note is that we live in a ranch that is 1700 square feet.

On about January 10th we got a delivery of 200 gallons to our home. At that point it brought the tank to approx 60%. Already on 3/9 we are down to approx 20% and in need of another delivery. We have used the stove/cooktop maybe 10 times since the delivery and I do approx 3-4 loads of wash per week. Right now we have a temporary line going from the tank to the house.

Does this sound reasonable?

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