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$1377 to install tiles in a 10 x 11 laundry room????

11 years ago

Hi all! We are building a house out-of-state and our builder just finished up tiling all the bathrooms/laundry room. We were shocked at the laundry room installation price....$1377. We bought the tiles ourselves (12x12 porcelain tiles) and there were no fancy installation requirements (squarish room, tiles laid diagonals or special instructions). That means it was over $10 per sq ft to install. That seems really high to us! Is it? This particular room was originally supposed to be vinyl, with all the bathrooms being ceramic tiled. The installation charge for all these rooms were included in the base price of our home except for the laundry room. Since we changed it to tile, they had to charge us for installation...but never said how much it would be. I am just frustrated at this point with the home building process as we have gone waaaaayyyyyy over budget so every $1000 over at this point is a real hardship. Any input? Oh yeah, I should let you know I have PMS right now. Please be gentle and kind to me. Thanks in advance!

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