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Need help to decide which Central AC to get

15 years ago

My Ruud Achiever 10SEER UAKA-042JAZ compressor has failed and I like to replace the unit. The unit is 3.5 ton. A couple of contractors did manual J calculation and suggested that I should go to 4 ton. The cooling was a little weak when the unit was working and I suspected that the unit was a little undersized. The following are the estimates that I got. Can someone tell me which one is good and the estimate is reasonable? In addition, I like to know if I need to put in new refrigerant lines? The existing lines are 5/16 (liquid) and 3/4 (vapor), with the evaporator in the attic (26 feet above) and the condenser at ground level. Total travel length between the condenser and the evaporator is 56 feet. I live in NJ.

Ruud UAND042JAZ and RCFAHM4821, use existing lines $2950

Carrier 24APA5-48-3 and CNPVP4824,use existing lines, $3875

Carrier 24APA5-48-3 and CNPVP6024, new lines, $5670

Carrier 24ACA4-48-3 and CNPVP4821, new lines, $5529

Carrier 24ACA3-48-3 and CNPVP4821, new lines, $5143

Carrier 24ACR3-48-3 and CNPVP4821, new lines, $4757

Trane 4TTX4042 and 4TXCB048BC3, new lines, $5206

Lennox XC14-042 and CX34-49C, new lines, $4596

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