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Differences Between Girl Babies/ Toddlers and Boys....

13 years ago

And is it all just hype?

DD is 11mo old and what a difference from raising 2 boys!!!

So how much of this is my imagination, genetics and the fact that she's picking up on the boys?

Firstly I've never had a baby walk so soon - blew by crawling.

She truly seems to figure things out quicker than the boys.

And man is she rough and tumble!!!

OMG!!!! She makes DS2 cry and he's the brute of the brood. She even seems to delight in making him cry - I know I see a smile on her face (he's the one that used to make everyone else cry).

Inspite of that I def. see a special sweet relationship developing between herself and DS1 which makes me think that DS2 is really going o be in the thick of it when they are all older. Or maybe oldest and youngest are banding together for th sake of surviving DS2.

She def. knows what she wants and doesn't want and will let you know know in a heartbeat.

And not a tooth near coming through.

Neither of my boys had an interest in feeding themselves w/ spoons until well past 1yr. Meanwhile she'd sooner starve than let you feed her.

I see people giving in to her already and she seems to know it and how to play people already.

Jeez! I think I'm going to have a real run for my money w/ this one!

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