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Help, old concrete slab and new floor questions.

15 years ago

I have been reading this great board for a while and can't find a situation like mine. 25 years ago, we put a family room addition on our house, with a concrete slab floor. I'm fairly certain no moisture barrier was put down. It is ground level. The contractor glued down Bruce Hardwood flooring planks. Some of these loosened up when rain came in under a sliding glass door, which has since been replaced (the door). The dog had some accidents, the kids spilled stuff over the years. A year or two after we put it down, I put a sheet of plastic down, then an area rug. I remember the floor getting moldy. We cleaned it, then took the plastic up, and just left the area rug down, until that got taken out too, and I just ignored the room and the floor.

Now DH wants to put laminate flooring right on top of this yucky wood floor. He says taking up the hardwood will chip up the concrete and create more problems. I say that more mold could come back between the layers. I want to get some company to do it right, but don't know where to start. All advice is appreciated.

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