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Natural Gas Hot Water Heater ?

16 years ago

I bought my house about 3 years ago. The home was 7 years old when i bought it. I have a 40 Gallon Hot water heater in the basement that i think is starting to kick the bucket. The guy i call to do my heating/cooling work. I had him look at it he was here and he said there is not much you can do with Gas hot water heaters. He said when they start to not work you might as well replace them. He also told me to not worry about the brand of water heater you buy since they are all essentially very close in design. He said look you have a "rheem" and its going out.

I have my water heater turned up all the way to max temperature now because it will even run out of hot water when i almost have the bathtub filled up. The FHR of my unit is 62 gallons.

Ok first of all was my heating/cooling guy right about replacing them we they start having a problem? I see not external physical signs that its going bad.

Second was he right about brands. Just get the cheapest one you can? I know when you spend more money your going to get more insulation and a longer warranty but im wanting to stay in the lower bracket of say no more than $350 for the unit. They sell a brand (i never heard of) in my local menards for $260 range. They also sell this one at lowes:

Which is a whirpool brand. Which one would you go with. Hey if i can save $40 why not if they are basically the same thing. I have searched on google without much help.

Any help would be appreciated.



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