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Who else is dropping their kid off at college for the first time?

9 years ago

Ouch. We left our DS at school yesterday. I had my teary moments in anticipation of this day, starting on graduation, and saying goodbye wasn't as gut wrenching as I thought it would be (although I foolishly started crying in the lunch buffet line after the convocation). But his room, his empty room! gah! It's at the top of the stairs so it's THERE every time I go upstairs. Empty. Door open (so unusual!).

I know he is going to be fine. He was already referring to floor mates as "friends" within hours of meeting them. There are lots of fun activities planned all weekend so he will meet others. He loves the school. But then there's that moment where I texted him to let him know about something he forgot, and he said he was just hanging out in his room alone. What? OMG. Why is he alone? Poor kid, is he okay? (Yes, I know he's fine.) This is my boy who hasn't even gone away to summer camp for more than one week, so it will be an adjustment for him as well as for DH and me. (DH cried all through convocation so he's no better than I am.)

I know we'll get used to it, and in fact we have done this before with DS1 but for a million reasons it was different that time.

Anyone else?

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