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A good day for a change!

13 years ago

Right around the corner from us, we stumbled on a cul-de-sac sale. We found a bed to replace a crummy one, I bought two very nice wool arm chairs for the library. Got a BUNCH of new florist/decor things for DD's wedding. Scored on a couple of nice holiday decor items...all told, we spent less than $200 for everything.

THEN, to top it off, I managed to trade my unused recumbant exercise bike for a motorized treadmill! I can't use the bike due to knee problems, and the trader never used her treadmill, she thought maybe a bike would inspire her to work out. I think I definitely got the better end of the deal, but she refused to take any cash plus my bike.

Got to visit with my DD1 & her BF, my son and my MIL today, too. Then my SIL stopped by and I stood up for myself to her in regard to my FIL's estate. And I feel good about what I had to say. It's sooo empowering to say no!!

So after a bunch of really crummy days, today was a nice breath of fresh air.

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