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Anderson Virginia Vintage Engineered Hickory Floor

10 years ago

We are in the final stages of a new home build and after some flooring issues, and a lot of back and forth, we have arrived at Anderson VV in Spicy Cider. We originally had planned to put Shaw Lincolnville(Camden Hills) in Rawhide. First there were availability issues and then it came in and they started to install and they were defective(end of boards not properly beveled which the flooring uneven on the short ends). I took it as a sign that we were not meant to have that floor. I really wanted the Anderson floor all along but hubby was not on board (more expensive, higher color variation in natural hickory) He came around. I will post an update once we move in. Meanwhile, I have attached a picture of the floor sample with our cabinets in the new house.
The reason I wanted to post, is that I get a lot of useful information on this board and I want to be able to contribute. There are so many decisions that go into a new home build or remodel.

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