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Mo' Mojo, part 3 - The Baggy Pants Club

18 years ago

Got to keep this Mojo thing going... And please consider this a loud and clear invitation for new members -- if you've thought about joining us, NOW is the time.

Also - It's absolutely not just about what we weigh or how physically fit we are. It's about getting our personal power back -- becoming stronger emotionally, repairing the cracks, dents or gaping chasms in our self-esteem, about loving ourselves the way we are, and about being brave enough to take a few little steps to becoming the people we want to be.

And now, at long last, I'm happy to report that I've finally joined the 'Baggy Pants Club'! My 'fat pants', which didn't fit at all when I started the first Mojo thread, and fit me a bit snugly a few weeks ago -- are now Baggy! That deserves a big fat chocolate brownie ;-) OK, maybe some new kitchen towels...

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