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Cleaning laminate floors

17 years ago

I have had my laminate floors now since Christmas. I love them, but how in the world do I clean them without leaving streaks? I have tried the expensive spray cleaner that the floor guy sold me. It left streaks. I have tried ammonia and water...streaks. I bought a laminate cleaner at Lowe's...streaks. Any ideas?

I also have Duraceramic in the kitchen. I have a fired white...and I like it to look really clean and white. The laminate cleaners don't keep the floor looking really clean and white. I have to periodically get down on my hands and knees and scrub. We mop often, so it isn't because we are going too long without cleaning.

I love the convenience of laminate and Duraceramic, but cleaning them has been a challenge.

Thanks for any tips.


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