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Aldi.. do you or don't you?

9 years ago

I gave Aldi a try this weekend based on some posts in the Walmart thread. I'd heard long ago that it was owned by the same company that owns Trader Joe's .. that intrigued me but still, I thought it was a discount warehouse kind of store.

I was fairly impressed-- I mean, it is still a discount grocery store. You walk in and face the aisle of discount, off brand snack foods-- but the produce was particularly impressive. The section is small but the quality and price of their produce was far superior to the grocery store I'd just left. I bought cauliflower, baby artisanal lettuce, strawberries, red/yellow peppers, grape tomatoes and fresh salsa-- all at exceptional prices.

I didnt buy any meats, pantry or bakery items.. I did check out some of the other items and it seemed that many things were great prices.. some are borderline. I am wondering what others buy there.. I am a big fan of TJ's but there isnt one nearby. Are there comparable items at Aldi? What are your go to items? What do you avoid?

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