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Carrier vs Rudd Central a/c

9 years ago

I have recently requested a few quotes from HVAC supplier re the potential replacement of my existing 1993 Bryant 3.5 ton 13 SEER unit. I am only replacing my a/c since I have a 5-6 old Ruud Furnace 80+ Super quiet furnace. I had asked for quotes on both a replacement 13 Seer and a 16 Seer updgrade. It has come down to these two quotes...

1) Carrier 13 Seer 113ANW0042 $4697
Carrier 16 Seer 126BNA004200 $5267
Coil for both units CNPVP 4221 (other quotes included a different coil number 4824 but sales guy said no real difference in price or function??)
this quote includes a 5 year labor warranty with 4years of preventive maintenance inspections.

2) Ruud 13 Seer 3.5ton RR13AJN42A01 $3875
Ruud 16 Seer 4ton RR-16AJL48A01 $4700-- said there no such thing as a 3.5 16 Seer???

Coil for both RR-RCFL -HM 4824cc - should it be different for the 13 Seer.

Some background .We live in the DC area and my monthly electric bills for the house (ranch 1950 sq feet main floor with partially finished basement ) average $110 during the 3 hottest summer months.

My questions are based on my usage and the cost!1) is it worth it to move to a 16 seer over the 13? 2) There is obvious value in the 5year labor warranty --- is it worth the difference in price 3) Any other comments re the chocie of a Ruud vs Carrier? Jack

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