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Unexpected proposal to replace boiler with forced air

12 years ago

I apologize in advance for a long post. I am trying to educate myself in order to avoid making a costly mistake and have lurked on the Gardenweb site for a few years

In doing the ground work for preparing the house for a remodel, we brought in an HVAC person to provide a quote for the removal and replacement of a couple of radiators in the kitchen and dining room. While he was in the home, he recalled that we had requested a quote a couple of years ago for the installation of a Unico system. With a starting price of $19,000 we did not consider it at the time.

He proposed that we consider replacing the current system with forced gas heat and air conditioning. The house is now served by a few window units and a multitude of fans. It is not sufficient, but hey, we adapt.

As he continued to speak the benefits did seem pretty good. Our bathrooms would be heated (currently they have a little electric heater which is inadequate), we would gain a foot of head room in the basement, gain a bit more space where the radiators are currently and we would have air conditioning. Of course the fact that these benefits are going to cost a lot of money is a major concern.

Unfortunately, I know very little about HVAC. Do you have recommendations of reputable websites or books I can use to educate myself?

I have a lot of questions, pricing, etc. and one I have in regard to the placement of ductwork. Is this something that I can go over with the HVAC company and have them provide me with a drawing or plan for agreement/understanding? Or will this request upset an average HVAC company? The owner/estimator did point out where he would run things but that does not always translate to real life during the install process.

The house

1920s era stucco bungalow.

1250 square feet over one and a half stories

Full basement with no heat source

All windows were replaced two years ago

Insulation is pretty much nonexistent. Some in the attic.

Current boiler Williamson Model GWA-175N Series 1

Gas hot water boiler in the basement

The location

Chicago suburb

Could I please ask you to take a look at this quote (it is the first one) and advise if there are any red flags, missing information? I realize the ductwork portion is one that really cannott be discussed without actually seeing the building. Please provide specific questions that I need to ask as well if you think of any.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this.

Proposal One Complete replacement

1) Remove existing boiler, exposed piping and radiation. Furnish and install one Lennox model G50UH-48C-135 (135,000 btu; 80% AFUE) gasfired forced-air furnace in basement adjacent to chimney.

Install supply and return ductwork in basement to floor mounted supply registers throughout first floor and centrally located floor mounted return air grill.

Install supply and return ductwork up through first and second floors to the north of main chimney through living room and second floor south attic area to ceiling or sidewall mounted supply registers throughout second floor and centrally located ceiling or sidewall mounted return air grill.

Install ceiling mounted supply registers in basement and low sidewall mounted return air grill. Connect new furnace to existing gas piping and electrical wiring.

Furnish and install one Lennox model XC13-048 (4-ton; 11 SEER) air conditioning condensing unit mounted on pad.

Install necessary refrigerant piping and evaporator coil.

Install electric wiring to the existing electric panel location. Labor and material guaranteed with service one year.......$19,478.00

  1. At time of furnace installation, your chimney will be inspected to determine if a chimney liner is needed. If one is required, it would be done on a time-and material basis:

    A flexible aluminum chimney liner installed, approx...$1,000.00

    or a flexible stainless steel liner installed approx..$2,000.00

Additional options available:

3) Install Aprilaire humidifier..........$480.00

4) Install non-electric air cleaner......$462.00

5) Install Lennox Pure Air air cleaner...$1,492.00

6) Install digital setback thermostat....$107.00

7) Install Lennox icomfort thermostat....$381.00

We Hereby Submit Specifications And Estimates For:

Air conditioner upgrades:

8) Upgrade to XC14 (14 SEER) condensing unit........$452.00

9) Upgrade to XC17 (17 SEER) condensing unit.......$1,488.00

10) Upgrade to XC16 (16 SEER) condensing unit with two

speed compressor............................$1,437.00

11) Upgrade to XC21 (20 SEER) condensing unit with two

speed compressor............................$2,214.00

For optimum performance of two speed air conditioners we recommend choosing a furnace with variable speed blower, see below

Furnace upgrades:

12) Upgrade to G60UH-60D-135 (135,000 btu, 80% AFUE) two stage gas furnace................................$214.00

13) Upgrade to G60UHV-60D-135 (135,000 btu, 80% AFUE) two stage gas furnace with variable speed blowe......$743.00

14) Upgrade to G61MP-60C-111 (110,000 btu, 95% AFUE) two stage gas furnace...............................$1,078.00

15) Upgrade to G61MPV-60C-111 (110,000 btu, 95% AFUE) two stage gas furnace with variable speed blower....$1,743.00

16) Upgrade to SLP98UH110V60C (110,000 btu, 98% AFUE) variable capacity gas furnace...................$2,156.00

We Hereby Submit Specifications And Estimates For:

Zoning option:

17) Install electric zone damper control system with one thermostat in the first floor and one in the second floor to operate as two independent heating and air conditioning zones.

Labor and material............................$4,912.00

For optimum performance of zone system we recommend choosing a two speed air conditioning unit and a furnace with variable speed blower.

Asbestos removal (if present) plaster patching, painting, floor repairs and carpentry are not included. Upgrading the existing electric service is not included

Proposal Two - Radiation revisions:

1) Kitchen heating revision:

Remove existing radiator. Furnish and install one model T6/8 toespace heater connected to existing supply and return piping. Install electrical wiring with aquastat controller. Labor and material guaranteed with service one year.......$1,474.00

  1. Dining room heating revision:

    Remove the existing radiator and associated debris. Furnish and install one Runtal model VLX42/42-5 (17" tall, 2" deep and 60" wide) panel radiator mounted on the east wall. Connect radiation to the existing supply and return piping. Modify piping as necessary. .Labor and material approx .....$2,756.00

Thanks again!

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