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HELP! What direction to lay hardwood flooring?

14 years ago

We've added on a family room to our home and plan to install hardwood in that room and the adjacent Great room. The floor joists run NS in the family room (new addition) and EW in the Great room so laying floor in either direction has pros and cons. It would look best not to do a direction change since the rooms are connected by a 6' opening and it would look choppy.

Wish I could post a picture of floor plan (perhaps hubby can help me later) so will try to explain. When you walk through the front door (EAST) or Garage entrance (EAST), you immediately enter the great room and can see right into the 6' opening that connects it with the new Family room which has a focal point wall (WEST wall) with beautiful windows and a fireplace. ALL the windows in both rooms are on the WEST wall.

Both the family room and the great room are narrow rectangular rooms and the length runs N-S. The Great room is 35' L x 19' W while the family room is 26' L X 14.5'W. If I measure from the WEST wall of Family room, where fireplace is located, through the opening and into the Great room, the length from EAST-WEST is 33.5' L.

A 12.5' hallway runs N-S to connect the Great room to the bedrooms and it will have hardwood.

So far, I have heard these tips on how to decide which way to lay the floors:

1. Parallel to the direction that sunlight comes into the windows. (would favor E-W run since all windows on W)

2. Running away from you (instead of side to side) when you come in the main entry (favors E-W run)

3. Running the long way in the longest room (favors N-S)

4. Running the long way in a hall (favors N-S)

I'm leaning towards running floor E-W because visually I think it would make the narrow rooms appear wider plus it draws your eye from the front door straight into the family room and the Fireplace wall.

Do you agree or disagree? Please help! I have to decide ASAP!

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