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Allure Ultra or other brand? Vinyl Plank Flooring over Particle

8 years ago

Hi in my condo I have a fairly sound particle board subfloor. I hope this is OK because

I was thinking of installing "Allure -Ultra", "engage- select plank", or "Coretec -plus". Vinyl plank over it.
They're 5 mm, 5 mm, and 8mm gauge thickness
They all have lifetime residential /10yr commercial warranties

Does anyone know about these brands? I'm guessing some have experience with Allure. Is it worth it to pay extra for Allure "Ultra" which is 5 mm instead of 4 mm?

Would you recommend these over particle board subfloor?

I'm in an area which is relatively dry. About 10-13 inches of rain per year. Coastal Los Angeles

The subfloor feels pretty sound and hard and only has >1/8 gaps between different particle boards. Some have carpet staples which I could either remove or hammer down level.

Could I possibly floor prep or even paint the floors to prep them for this?

Any other tips or experience would be great.

Pic below is of particle board under lifted carpet

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