Do you subscribe to Identity/Fraud Protection service?

10 years ago

Wells Fargo called me today informing me they're closing my credit card and giving me a new one. VISA notified them (I didn't know VISA was a separate identity!) that my CC# has been stolen. She couldn't tell me anything else other than I'm not the only one. So far no charges have been made to my account. I don't have a fraud protection plan but I'm thinking maybe I should since I pay for everything with credit card.

If you have fraud protection which company do you subscribe to and how has the service been? A quick look online I see that Lifelock, Identity Guard, and Trusted ID have received good ratings. There's so many things to look for that my head is spinning reading up on how all the services compare. Wells Fargo referred me to one I haven't seen mentioned online called Trilegiant. I hestitate to sign up with them because they don't show up on any of the comparison charts. My husband was given free membership with DEBIX for a year but that's expired. The only way I knew they were doing their job was when he signed up for an AMEX card and his credit report was checked. Debix called us to make sure we had submitted the application.

This may be money down the drain shelling out $20-$30 a month for the 2 of us but they've got me so scared of Identity theft, stolen credit cards, etc I'm thinking it could be worth it for peace of mind. That way if anyone tries to open up credit using my SS# I'll know it right away before they have time to buy a car with my money.

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