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Wood over stained concrete. Need help!

14 years ago

Hi -

We are planning to re-do the flooring in our house. Currently the whole house is stained, scored concrete & we are tired of it. We are going to try to do this with resale in mind in the next 1-2 years. We will DIY most of it & would appreciate some advice.

1. We would like to do some type of wood in the LR,DR, Kitchen & hall. To put down hardwood, we would have to put down plywood or something first & are worried about the height in relation to carpeted/tiled rooms off the hallways. If we do some sort of glue down, what type of floor prep would be have to do on the concrete? I believe the finish is poly, not wax. It's not heavy at all & it comes up with tape (found that out when masking to paint) Not really interested in going laminate.

2. Anybody have any experience with Tecsun Stranded Bamboo flooring? Is it wise to go "green" with resale in mind - or just get what we like that's on sale?

3. Would the best order of installation be bathroom tile, then wood, then bedroom carpet?

Thanks for any input or suggestions!

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