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Question-flooring to go with golden oak

14 years ago

First question: What do you use for flooring when cabinets, woodwork and most of the furniture are all oak? By reading various posts I've gathered that we may have too much wood in our home. I'll admit I love the classic look of wood and oak is common to our area. We have light golden oak cabinets and woodwork. We have Wilsonart American oak laminate flooring (large kitchen, dining, entry, hallway). It will need replacing within the next year. The cabinets, woodwork & most furniture will remain oak, so what to do about flooring?

Second question is regarding type of flooring. We've gotten along great with the laminate except ours has had peaking since day one and I do not like the artificial feel and sound. Upkeep has been easy. Husband wants to replace with tile, I'd prefer wood. I've looked at Duraceramic but I'm afraid the style will become dated. I have horrible memories of vinyl with holes in it growing up. Suggestions?

I'm stuck on wood and need some inspiration.

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