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Come One,Come All! The Par-tay's at my house!

14 years ago

We're having a SuperBowl party! Started out just a couple friends.Then it ballooned into about 20-25 people! LOL! We're putting 3 TV's in the LR...2 big screens,1 39".Going to have a tub of drinks in the middle of the room (and a garbage can for the empties) Will have Steeler decorations up all over.I bet I'm tired come Monday! LOL!

Menu is:Chili,Meatballs,Chili Con Casa,Nachos,Jalapeno Poppers,pepperoni,cheese & crackers trays,mozerella puffs,popcorn,assorted chips and dip,nut plate(Courtesy of the neighbors) and for dessert banana cake and Orange Fluff.Oh and a friend is bringing Fish Tacos...I never had them,he says they're good!If you leave hungry there's something wrong!

Yinz all come now!

Here we go::STEELERS::Here we go!

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