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insulating the attic -- which method to choose?

13 years ago

I've had three estimates for adding insulation to the attic. The ceiling of the bedrooms upstairs is slanted. There isn't any attic over the slanted area, but it is accessible to add insulation. I don't know the correct name for slanted part.

Here are the three options.

Contractor 1. Blow in fiberglass insulation on floor of attic and into slanted roof. Estimate included detail about sealing leaks.$1200.

Contractor 2. Blow in cellulose to attic floor and slanted roof. $1400. This contractor also strongly recommends blowing cellulose into the walls. Total for all is $5000, so that's not happening, but I can opt for just the attic.

Contractor 3. Add spray foam insulation into slanted area and between the joists of the attic roof. This fellow says the spray foam would be a much better option for the slanted area. I also like this because it means I can continue to use the attic for storage. One concern is that the vents on the ends of the attic would be closed off. He says that will be fine. It also means that electricians can get to the wiring that goes through the attic, too, which I like. He also said that money spent insulating the walls would be better used for new windows (he doesn't install them). I don't have his estimate yet.

I have pretty much decided against #1 because his inspection of the house was cursory compared to the others.

#2 and #3 are highly recommended on Angie's List. I was impressed with their thoroughness and knowledge, but I can't decide who to choose or which is the better method.

Any thoughts to help me? I am especially interested to hear whether spray foam insulation is a good method. Thanks.

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