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Remember when you emptied your kitchen to remodel?

16 years ago

Did you find a bunch of stuff you didn't know you had - did you throw away some junk - and donate a few things? That's what it was like for me - and today I had an experience that reminded me of emptying my kitchen - only it was even more entertaining.

Since DH is out of the country I decided to go through this storage area under our stairway. Since he doesn't like to throw anything away I thought this was the time to see what I might be able to clear out of there. Plus I'd been digging around in there when I was looking for some genealogy related items and there was all kinds interesting stuff in there that I forgot I had. So I thought before I put all my Christmas decorations back in there I might as well pull everything out and I wanted to start putting some of it in plastic storage boxes instead of the old broken down, mildewed cardboard boxes.

Well, I found some really interesting things - besides the usual old report cards, yearbooks, love letters, trophies, etc. One box had some items from a New Year's Eve party we had before we moved into this house - 15 years ago. It had the usual hats, noisemakers, etc. and TEN BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE!! That stuff doesn't age well does it?

I also found a little set of casual dinnerware that I got as a wedding shower gift - in a color popular in 1978 - that now matches my new kitchen perfectly! And I found a couple add'l pieces of antique fiestaware that I forgot I had - so I pulled those out to use.

I purged six boxes of crap - including all kinds of moldy college notebooks. It was so funny to look through this stuff. I did keep a few of my college papers - typed pre-computer days. And I had one box of worthwhile stuff that I packed up to donate. My lower level now looks just like my kitchen did right before the remodel - all kinds of boxes and bags of junk to get rid of. And again I can't believe the amount of junk I've accumulated - I consider myself someone who throws alot away.

Needless to say I had ALOT more room to put my Christmas stuff away - and room to spare. So, ya' got one of these storage areas at your house that you haven't looked at closely in awhile? Might be an entertaining rainy day project - and especially useful if you're running out of storage space as I always seem to be

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