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About to pull trigger on 2 systems - few questions

15 years ago

2story 14.5 yr old brick home in ATL

1st flr 1800ft - 2.5t Carrier AC 90K BTU furnace

2nd flr 1800 ft - 2.5t Carrier AC 80K BTU furnace

Gas ~ .99 / therm

Electric - 9.87 cents/kWh

Plan to be in house for 20 years. After ton or reading on this VERY helpful forum, settled on Trane to reduce my options.

Difficulty finding contractors willing to do load calc. One reputable owner said customer interview, walkthrough, square footage, count of supplies and returns and consideration of 2 story spaces, windows and 20 yrs exp gets him to the same point as load calc. This true??

For 1st flr (system located in unfinished half of basement)

3 ton XLi15 HP on top of XV80 80K BTU

Highly rated installer quoted the above w/ 4ton blower, adding return to finished portion of basement to promote airflow down there, as we rarely use that space or the 3rd HVAC system.

1)Is 4t blower on 3t system good idea? Current is 2.5t

2)I Like XV80 for dual fuel flexibility and dont see need for 90%+ since HP should handle most ATL heating days. Thoughts?

3)Is XLi16 worth $500 extra? Dealer says 2 stage makes hard to compare apples to apples w/ XLi15. Says 2 stage offers much greater energy savings and humidity control.

Upstairs (system in attic)

3 ton XLi15 HP w/ electric strip backup and variable speed blower

1) ATL winters, 2 story foyer and family room, heat rises makes me think I can do w/o gas upstairs. Will I save much in price on variable blower w/o furnace, or should I get the XV80, even though I do not think I will use much gas up there?

2)XL16i HP worth extra $500?

3)Is 4t blower w/ 1 extra return on 3t system good idea? Current is 2.5t

I am assuming I should insist on Honeywell VisionPRO IAQ for both?

Also have been told that XV90i no loger offered by Trane. Is it and if so, should I consider it downstairs?

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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