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Air Filter: What Does It Filter? Full Dust but Not on the Filter?

11 years ago

I am very confused about what air filter is doing. My house is full of dust. If I don't use a table for a few days, I can see dust all over it. I can see dust bunny collected at the in-take vent register.

However, I changed the air filter from the furnace today (did it 3 months ago), but the filter is so cleaned. The entire piece looks the same. I remember that usually the enter would look grayish and dusty, but not this time.

How can the entire house is so dusty, yet the air filter does not filter anything? The furnace is at the attic, and there is no traffic at all. Why should we just change the air filter at the furnace but not other vents registers throughout the house? I understand that all these vents are connected, but why it seems to me that the air flow does not flow well or even reach the vents connected to the furnace?


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