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High efficiency isn't necessarily better for everyone????

9 years ago

My heat broke and I have struggling with new system choices. Since energy efficiency nowadays is so much emphasized, I THOUGHT replacing the old 8 seers 3 ton unit with 16 or higher 3 ton is going to use less energy in the future than before. However, after reading about "load calculation," my 1700 sq ft house may not need a 3 ton higher seer unit, especially with my life style.

My house is always very humid even in winter, now rh about 60%, because I use the washer to wash sweaters, wool sucks, and down coats, and AIR DRY them in winter. I boil water all the time and almost merely steam almost all foods. I set lower temperature in winter and higher temperature in summer, compare with most of Americans. In winter, our heat almost never is running at night, because we love tuck ourselves in a heavy comforter, which makes our sleep better (more like hibernation).

So.... I would say that higher seer units are more efficient for more extreme climates, while I live in GA. Summer and winter here is so mild. The usage of the unit is much less. A higher seer unit, like 16, would not energy saving anymore in my house condition, right???

What seer would you recommend to me, living in a pretty much maximum energy saving environment already?

Although I haven't had someone to do the load calculation yet, do you think it's more sensible to go for a 2.5 ton rather than a 3, due to humidity level being so high in my house?

Thanks a bunch

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