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Considering a mini-split for old farmhouse in KY

John Tebbs
11 years ago

We are renovating our 180 year old farmhouse in KY, and will soon be upgrading the HVAC. We currently have forced air propane that is limited to the first floor. The upstairs gets heated from rising heat only, so it can be uncomfortable, but mostly we only sleep and bathe there. In the summer, we use a single window unit to cool the bedroom we're in.

I'm considering a new dual fuel (propane and heat pump) HVAC on the ground floor, and a Mitsubishi mini-split for the four bedrooms on the second floor. Concerning the mini-split, does anyone have one that lives in a climate similar to ours, and has winters that can go below zero? Just wondering if the mini-split will deliver zoned heat as we require it, and do a good job on our home. All four bedrooms that get a unit are about 300 sq ft, and we have about 14" blown in attic insulation. Walls are three bricks thick, plastered on the interior, no other insulation. We understand that it would be helpful to build out the walls and insulate, but we're not going to do that. We have tight, restored windows with storms, and have minimized infiltration.

So, opinions on using a mini-split for us?

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