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Advice regarding Laminate Flooring Gap

13 years ago

Hello All,

I need some advice as to what to do with an unsightly gap between a shelf structure and the laminate flooring in my closet.

I understand that with laminate flooring, its always recommended that a 1/4 inch border be left between the wall and flooring. However, it looks like whoever installed the floors decided to cut corners and didn't remove the shelf. Aesthetically speaking it doesn't look great. Here's what it looks like:

Correct me if I'm would be a bad idea to add some kind of filler grout into the gap?

Any suggestions anyone can recommend outside of removing the shelf entirely (its a big hunking thing) and redoing the flooring to the wall?

I was thinking that I could probably remove the quarter rounds, on the edges and redo them but floor space is kind of tight already as is. Or perhaps some kind of t-molding or caulk that matches the shelf?

Any thoughts?

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