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duct sizing and redirection

15 years ago

I have a split level home with a forced hot air / ac unit located in my basement. I am moving a 6x10 inch supply duct that branches off to 3 different room supply outlets inside my garage. I need to know if I can run a approx 12 inch drop in a section of this duct without running the risk of losing air flow. The original duct ran out of my main system then made a 90 deg turn up approx 3-4 feet before running approx 8 feet across into my garage. This duct then was redirected up again to two of the supply outlets while one of the branches is a straight run to a separate room.

The drop I am looking to make would be to link up to the existing piece of duct work in my garage. The new section will be approx 12 inches higher than the original.

My reason for moving the duct is due to a renovation in the storage room in which it ran across at head level. I am placing the duct in the ceiling so I can finish off that space. Any suggestions would be great.

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