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Horrible fireplace smoke - need expert advice

13 years ago

We have a wood-burning fireplace with chimney.

It has a glass door and the botoom blower.

Our fireplace produces horrible smoke which comes into the room (glass door helps but we burn it for warm air and use of blower introduces horrible smoke into the room).

THE worst part is that smoke really bothers our neighbors as their heating system draws in outside air for heating and a lot of our smoke gets into their house. their air intake is on the right opposite our chimney.

We would be really appeciative on any ideas how to reduce (without spending thousands) this horrible bothersome smoke.

Opening windows in winter doesn't seem as a good decision and it won't help with smoke bothering our neighbors.

Are there types of wood we should avoid?

What realistic (=inexpensive) options might be available to eliminate smoke intake by our neighboors' heating system?

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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