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Vinyl plank woodgrain look flooring

10 years ago

We (me, husband, 10 year old son, 2 year old labrador 'indoor' dog) are building a new custom house in the country. We really need to decide on flooring for the main area of the house -- Kitchen, dining, great room, foyer, and hallway to bedrooms. We really want low-fuss and easy maintainence and have decided that 'luxury' vinyl planks with a woodgrain look are the way we want to go because of 1) reputation to be scratch resistant more than hardwood finishes 2) 'realistic' type look to mimic hardwood. We've seen three different types of vinyl plank top textures: absolute smooth like most hardwood floors, light surface texture almost like a mahogany type texture, and a very deep woodgrain texture/pattern. We've attempted to 'scratch' the samples of all three types across different brands and even compared them to hardwood samples. All, with enough effort, will scratch of course but the toughest we found was a smooth finish Konecto product -- and, it looked the most 'real'. Our builder thought this looked best. But, the local flooring rep in our town thought the textured finish would be easier to live with whenever scratches occur as well as being better at hiding dust and dog hair. We tend to think this light textured finish looks the most fake but we wondered what those who have it think of it over time. We're not out to impress anyone but don't want to be irritated with it over time either. I'd love to hear others' experience about finish -- whether hardwood, engineered wood, or of course vinyl. What do you like, not like? Thanks so much! I'm going crazy!

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