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Car Hit Our Porch...Any Ins. Tips?

13 years ago

Well, it's been about 3wks or so since a Jeep hit our front porch and drove off and our insurance co., Allstate, is finally sending their contractors out tomorrow.

Has anybody here had to deal w/ insurance after anything similar to this? I'm trying to prepare myself for a battle to get my porch fixed exactly the way that it was before he drove into it.

Contractor's that we have had give estimates are starting in the 20K area as the porch has (had) a sandstone foundation, 5 of the 8 columns need replaced (3 of them shattered) and aren't standard sizes, the porch railings and spindles aren't regular stock either and have to be milled, 3/4's of the porch floor needs ripped up to access and rebuild the foundation, from the impact area on, the entire porch (including roof) has shifted down and the porch roof is pulling away from the house. The porch steps and stringers need replaced as well as the sandstone walls on either side of the steps. The 20K doesn't include the lawn or landscaping that was destroyed. I also insist that the entire porch be repainted even where it wasn't hit because when I sell this house I don't want to have to explain why 3/4's of it is newly painted and the rest is not. It wasn't my fault that idiot drove into my house so I shouldn't have to live w/ a two-tone porch. Or is that just a pipe dream?

I've taken lots and lots of pictures of every little crack, shift, split and sag as well as measurments to show the roof sag and pulling away.

Any other tips, ideas, thoughts past experiences w/ HO and lessons learned?

I just want to start work on my friggin' porch!!!!

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