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Swine flu - seriously underreported

13 years ago

Hi everyone,

My dd has been sick (fever of 105, sore throat, coughing, muscle aches) since Thursday evening. I spoke to her doctor this morning and he told me that she certainly has the swine flu. This was a surprise to me because so few cases have been reported. The doctor laughed and said that the CDC sites are a joke. Doctors are asking patients with suspected swine flu *NOT* to come to the office or hospital in order to prevent spreading, so very few people have been tested and reported. But this thing is rampant. The doctor said that there are thousands of cases in Northern California and that they are getting calls every few minutes. He said there are hundreds of cases in my county, and only 1 (!) has been reported.) DD said that practically everyone at her day camp had a sore throat last week.

I guess it is sort of silly to feel angry when we're in the middle of a pandemic, but I wish the CDC would report what is truly happening. I think people feel that swine flu is really rare and that their kid just has a summer cold, and they feel okay about sending them to camp.

I've never seen dd so sick before; she can't even read. She just lies in bed dozing, and woke up several times last night with chills so bad I had to get in bed with her and hold her. The doctor said this high fever lasts for about 4 days!! Luckily she hasn't been in contact with anyone elderly or pregnant - but what about all those other kids?

Of course I'm likely to get it too now :-( It'll cause a nightmare at work if I do.

DD's symptoms started out with a mild sore throat which got worse within a day, then she got the high fever and a severe cough (sounds like croup.) If you get similar symptoms, you probably DO have swine flu, whatever the CDC says.

PO'd in CA

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