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Flat screen TV over fireplace - ideas for making it look nice?

17 years ago

We are thinking of getting a largish flat screen TV and putting it over the wood burning fireplace and putting the wires in through the wall so you don't have wires trailing everywhere.

My question is, has anyone found a way to make the TV look nicer, such as having trim go around it so it doesn't scream TELEVISION? Someone pointed out that if we have company over, we can always have the TV show a still photo of our family or a slideshow of favorite photos.

Or, is there a way to "inset" it into the wall and even put a panel or painting in front of it to disguise it? Someone on another forum said you should never do this because of the heat from the fireplace, but I've also been told that it has been successfully done. Just wanted your ideas. Thanks in advance!

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