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1 3/4' subfloor under tile??? Is this necessary?

11 years ago


Hoping I can get a quick coupla answers to this. We're being told conflicting info.

We want to install a pebble tile floor with a heat tape mat underneath in our bathroom. We have 3/4 inch plywood subfloor thus far.

One installer said we should prime the subfloor, lay the tape mat and he'll pour a subfloor to encapsulate the heat mat. Then the tile can go on that poured subfloor.

Another installer said we need cement board, THEN pour the stuff to encapsulate the heat mat, then the tile goes on that for a thickness of 2 inches to 2 1/4" total. This installer says you need 1 3/4" of sub-flooring under tile, esp. in our part of the country (wisconsin) or we'll have movement and cracking of the tile or grout.

This amount of flooring seems extreme to me but the guy said anything less is substandard and we'll have problems down the road?

A 2 + inch flooring difference? WTHeck?

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