Need help finding the right style of dining room table and chairs

I need a new dining room table and chairs. Without a lot of random shopping I have no idea how to find what I want. I hope someone who has been through this recently can point me in the right direction.

My main criterion is that it coordinate with a real antique in the room, an Belgian oak floor-to-ceiling china cabinet that has a medium brown finish.

In a quick run through several stores what I found was mostly: tables/chairs with curvy lines and not oak (mystery wood), or if oak, either modern in style or country, none of which will work. The antique china cabinet (really a bookcase and probably mid 19th century) has straight lines in general but still has some nice carving. I would rather see furniture in person, before I look into buying online.

Tangent: (I would look for another antique except my husband complained non-stop about the antique kitchen chairs we had, that they always squeaked despite being professionally repaired/reinforced several times). I suppose I could always get an antique table and just buy new chairs, though I could only find sets in the local antique stores.

Thanks for any help.

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