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Stop gap for hardwood floor finish with bare wood spots until the

8 years ago

Our hardwood floors (100-year-old rift-sawn white oak) were refinished about eight years ago with a water-based finish, and we're starting to get a few spots in the high traffic areas where the finish is down to bare wood. In the lower traffic areas, it still looks brand new. We've had some floor refinishers out to look and everyone agrees that the only way for it to look right is to sand the entire floor down and refinish. The challenge is that we are hoping to delay this by a couple of years--we have small kids and moving everything/everyone out, even for a few days, is a huge headache. We may move in 2-3 years, so it would make a huge amount of sense to just wait and do it when the house is empty, but only if we can avoid damaging the floor further in the interim.

So I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on products they have used to cover spots where water-based finish is thin or gone to protect the wood from further damage (we also have an 80-pound dog!) We know this would be a stop gap and we would still need to sand everything down and refinish at some point, but I'm hoping there might be something out there that would work as a short-term fix to protect the floor and perhaps make it look a little better cosmetically until we're ready for the full job. (We are also looking into getting a very long rug runner to cover the high traffic areas, but that looks less feasible given the size of the space.) Thanks!

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