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Pine Flooring refinishing, a Crime in progress

14 years ago

Help Needed ASAP: We have a 1922 bungalow and just got the floors sanded. Against the advice of my spouse! But there were so many gouges and raw chips. Thougt I had got a good contractor, yadda yadda; and now the caramel colored heart pine and yellow pine floors are skinned bald, have one coat of poly and the contractor is on hold until we resolve the issue. Went from caramel and cinnamon color to bright butterscotch like a basketball court. The mixed woods - so nice with patina - look calico and are way too bright. If the contractor had not gone so deep, no problem but there it is. We feel like our puppy has just gotten killed. I need to salvage this mess and want to see if we can add a tint to darken the next coat and try and better match the original color. Or do I hand glaze then then varnish. Or (and I don't want to go any deeper and do more damage then I have) do we have to re-sand and start over with some sort of tint/stain then finish. The contractor refused to stain the pine  said it would look too blotchy. An arugment which I bought - but his efficient machines took off too much of the old surface. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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