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has anyone uncovered an existing wood floor under a wood floor?

13 years ago

I know we've all heard of uncovering a gem of a floor under a layer of carpet, but am I ridiculous or could there be a decent wood floor under this nasty wood floor I have now?

This floor is skinny tongue and groove, very thin. It's splintering everywhere. I had a refinisher in and he said it was to thin to sand. The color is one I really dislike, sort of a gold/orange/honey. I prefer something much lighter---more blond and light. All my neighbors seem to have these nice 4" plank original oak (I think, maybe maple?) floors that they've had refinished beautifully. The floors are solid and tight,with no sign of the massive splintering mine has.

This house was built in 1888 or 89 I believe. The PO's said Sears kit but I couldn't find a replica. It has a pyramid roof and a turret, otherwise, There are no charming details left.

It's been hacked up and mutilated. Cheap drywall over plaster, very soft, unlovely woodwork. Institutional light fixtures. It seems like someone with no skill and no money but lots of enthusiasm spent the last 75 or 80 years practicing medicine without a license.

Please tell me there's a solid beautiful floor under this poor excuse for a wood floor!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cross Section of Floors

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