cost of porcelain tile installation in California (Bay Area)

12 years ago

We're working with a general contractor for our major kitchen remodel. For a ~80 sq.ft. of tile installation in our kitchen, the tile subcontractor has given us a price of ~$3000, including the material, hardibacker purchase and installation. The tile itself is about $5-6/sq.ft., so it seems he is charging us ~$30/sq.ft. for installation!! That sounds very high to me. The allowance in our contract was calculated as $15/sq.ft., assuming $4/sq.ft. tile, so I don't know where the high price is coming from.

The tile is Stonepeak Terrain Tundra 18x18, with 1/8" grout lines.

I have a feeling that either we're being reaped off or the subcontractor really doesn't want to do the job.

Any comments?

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