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old floors, cracks, dogs

9 years ago

Forgive me cause I don't really have a clue about floors. Just moved into an older house with probably original floors. They aren't in bad shape but could be refinished. I know its a project. So some questions..
1. If I do sand and poly the floors, will all the little cracks in between boards be filled in? Or do you have to do something special? I'm wanting to make sure it is sealed so no moisture gets in because of the dogs.
2. I would use a water based one, how long do they take to dry, can you speed it up at all?

But now my friend (who owns the house) is saying that she doesn't want to pay for it until after I move out in a few years..wouldn't it be better to do it now so it doesn't get damaged more? Like I said it isn't in bad shape but I'm afraid that my dogs will pee one too many times and wreck it now. Also how bad are fumes and what not from water based poly? It would be on the second floor, would the fumes go downstairs? My friend is worried about her kid. Or is that not really an issue?

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