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how do i create a carpet:laminate transition here?

14 years ago

hi - hope this is the correct forum for this question. I currently have carpet throughout my ranch home, and will be replacing it with carpet in the hall & bedrooms & stairs down to the basement, and putting in laminate wood flooring in the greatroom & an office.

i am stuck trying to figure out how to create a transition between the laminate & carpet where the great room meets the stairs & hallway. it's not a straight line and i can't see a good way to form one.

help? any suggestions?

here are a couple pics, from the greatroom, facing the hallway, with the stairs to the left. there is about 4 inches difference between where the stairs butt to the great room & where the other side of the hallway butts to it, so i can't bridge that, unless i do a diagonal. would that be the only way? would that look too strange/hackish?



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