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Adding parking space to driveway

13 years ago

I've got an odd one here. I'm looking to add a solid-surfaced parking space alongside a concrete driveway, with one end adjoining the street. The space isn't level, rather it gently rolls into a downslope away from the street, although not terribly steep (the existing driveway is poured concrete, if that's any help).

Obviously, I can just hire a driveway contractor to come out and pour something but budget is an object here, as is the fact that I'm a renter (and I do have the landlord's permission to do this), which means that I won't be here forever.

I'd like to avoid gravel due to the slope and the fact that I'll be parking a rare sports car on the proposed space.

So basically, what does anybody recommend for a solid, dependable, affordable do-it-yourself parking pad?

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