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Matching a wood floor to existing cabinets and detailing

12 years ago

So we just bought our first house last week, and one thing we want to do before we move in is to replace the carpet with hardwood floors.

The house is a largely a blank slate right now, a place with a lot of light -- windows, skylights, etc. The one room that's causing us trouble, however, is our dining room:

(The table, chairs and mirror are from the staging of the house, not ours. The folding doors are in terrible condition and need to be refinished regardless, so we're not married to that tone.)

So we've got three existing shades here: The darker wood of the ceiling, the red brick of the fireplace and the lighter wood of the kitchen cabinets (which we will replace eventually but not for a while).

I'm having a very hard time figuring out what tone of hardwood would work with all of these elements -- I'm terrible at visualizing this sort of thing, and in my research I've had a hard time finding examples of places that have these different colors.

If anyone has input or, better yet, a photo of a similar situation, it would be much appreciated.

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