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Portofino Hardwood Flooring - Anyone ever heard of this?

Tiffany Altieri
12 years ago

My local flooring store carries a brand called Portofino, but there is no website linked to the brand. All I know is that this engineered wood has a 4mm wear layer (hand-scraped), 7 ply construction, aluminum oxide coating and a supposed 25 year limited warranty. But I am seeing a problem - how can a warranty be offered if the company seems to be non-existent? My local store told me that they buy from a distributor, Golden State Flooring. Several other shops in this area (the SF Bay Area) as well as several flooring stores online carry it. No one has anymore info that what I gave above.

Should I be wary? I did find installation instructions and brochures through the distributor (linked below), but they seem to have no manufacturing name. I like the hand-scraped look and the 4mm wear layer seems very impressive, but the lack of info is giving me serious doubts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the distributor's page on Portofino

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