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Need help: 500 sq ft master bedroom on concrete subfloor. Help!

11 years ago

I usually post on the kitchens and cooking forums, but we have a new problem well beyond what I know ANYTHING about.

We need to replace the carpet in our huge (by our standards, anyway) master bedroom suite. The carpet is old, ugly, hard to clean, and pet stained.

This bedroom ''suite'' (bedroom, huge walk-in closet, and large bath) is an addition by a previous owner. The floor is poured concrete with a full basement beneath, so moisture will not be a problem. The basement was originally cisterns before city water was available.

Most of the colonial-style house has red oak flooring, some of it pegged and all of it original to a 40 years ago remodel or the original 70 years ago build.

We have pets and are avid gardeners, and trying to keep carpet vacuumed with a shedding 80 pound dog, two cats, and muddy boots is a PIA.

I had planned to put in hardwood when my available money recovered from a kitchen remodel, but when I recently cut out the floor of an elevated closet to slide in a new washing machine, I discovered the concrete slab is immediately beneath the carpet and padding. No sub floor.

I will be heading to Home Depot and Lumber Liquidators next week to ask for their suggestions and look at my options. In addition, I have a great floor guy whom I will be contacting. I am just boggled that I cannot use ''real'' wood--or can I?

What ARE my options? What do you recommend? What should I look at or for?

I REALLY will appreciate your help!


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