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Flor Carpet Tiles - Reviews, Please

10 years ago

Hi. I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping you can help with a carpet decision.

I'd like to lay Flor carpet tiles over an incredibly ugly, but really in decent shape vinyl floor in my basement. It will be a playroom for my 11 year old. On the one hand, kids. OTOH, I don't think it will get super heavy wear or abuse, as these things go.

I love the colors and patterns available with Flor and the convenience of being able to pick up a tile and wash or replace it. But Flor isn't cheap and I don't want to buy junk.

I've searched on this forum and done some general googling for reviews and for every person who hates the tiles (won't stay connected, don't clean well, shift) there's about 1.5 people who love them (look great, stay in place great, clean up beautifully). But I also realize that the product has changed some over the years and the reviews vary in age.

So. Has anyone used Flor within the last year or two and what do you think?

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