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Old-tile-on-slab questions with photo

17 years ago

This is a picture of the original (vinyl?) tile-on-concrete-slab flooring on the lower level of a split-level home built in the mid to late 1960s. This flooring was installed throughout the whole level, including a very small half bathroom.


The tiles measure 12" and have an embossed pattern. As you can see, a few tiles are loose or missing from a couple of incidents of water encroachment.

I believe we have the water encroachment problems managed now, and I'd like to redo the whole floor.

I understand the tiles and adhesive may contain asbestos. I don't think their condition qualifies as "friable" so I'm hoping to just overlay new flooring since removal of the existing tile and adhesive would be a very big and expensive job.

For most of the area I plan to float laminate flooring. I'd like to lay Durock (then ceramic bath tile) over the existing tile in the small bathroom. What mastic or adhesive should I use, and what kind of fastener should I use (if any) to further secure the Durock to the concrete slab?

I'd welcome any comments and suggestions!

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